About me
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My name is Jasmine, I am a cis female living in the beautiful Washington state, on the rainy western side. I am a slave to the Siren overlord (I work at Starbucks). I want to travel and live in different places all over the world. I want to go to school and learn many languages and become a linguist. Or maybe study biochemistry, chemistry, or natrual medcine. But those are pipe dreams since I cannot fund my college studies. Such is life in the great USA.

I am very passionate about justice and equality, thus I am a revolutionary socialist, if you want to have a lable to go by. If a system has equality, democracy freedom as it's goal, then I am pretty much for it. I do have anxiety and suicidal tendencies and I do not tag pretty much anything. I have a lot of problems in my head to sort out.

So, if you want to chat feel free to shoot me a message, and if not, I hope you have a nice day, fellow human. (If you aren't human, please contact me, I would love to learn about your language and culture.)

"We have differences. May we, together, become greater than the sum of both of us."

― Surak

Currently Reading: Dragonflight by Anne McCaffery
Currently Watching/Playing: Mass Effect Series, Star Trek